Tradesworker Equity Council

"An unheard voice is an action not taken"

An integral part of the Safe from Hate Alliance, the Tradesworker Equity Council (TEC) centers tradesworker voices, including those most harmed by toxic jobsite culture – women, Black, Indigenous, other People of Color (BIPOC), and LGBTQ+ tradesworkers, in the work of the Safe from Hate Alliance.

The Tradesworker Equity Council serves to provide an equity lens to the Safe from Hate Alliance members in the collective work to create safe and respectful jobsites for all workers.

Tradesworker Equity Council Members

Mary Ann Adkins-Bahena, IUOE Local 701

Janett Arellano, UA Local 290

Leslie Cotton, UA Local 290

Miranda Jenniches, IUOE Local 701

Juan Lona, IUOE Local 701

Jelani McRae, IBEW Local 48

Alejandra Prado, UA Local 290


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Special Thanks to the Oregon-Columbia Chapter of Associated General Contractors for their Generous Support to the Tradesworker Equity Council through a Workforce Development Grant